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I'm Sarah, a Seattle- based writer, artist, yogi, dog-lover and outspoken feminist. I like books, wine, and gray days. Hope you'll stay and hang out for a while!

Sixty Degrees in Seattle

Everyone who has ever talked to me about Seattle knows I love it, almost without exception and possibly more than any place I've ever lived slash visited. Seattle is amazing, and frankly, I can't believe it's not even more crowded than it is. I guess that whole "it's rainy all the time" myth is really working, but whatever. If you've been here, you know this is a city that can't really grow in any direction but up, so if you're moving here, get ready to live far away or on the 20th floor.

My complete love for this city aside, I do find myself sometimes annoyed by the weather-bitchers of Seattle. Caveat: I hate weather-bitchers in general, and they're everywhere, but the thing about Seattle weather-bitchers is that most of them have either a) never experienced true sweltering heat or freezing cold or b) moved here from a place where they lived in sweltering heat and/or freezing cold and have somehow forgotten what that was like/lost all touch with reality. Because the truth is, Seattle has a mild climate. Most winter days, you'll be hard-pressed to get below freezing, let alone see snow, and in the summer, days in the 80s are still big news.

So with that in mind, here's the Seattle observation I made today that amused me - and this is 100% true. I challenge anyone to argue it.

In Seattle, if it is a sunny day and the thermostat says it's 60 degrees, you will see people out and about in next to nothing - short skirts and dresses, barely-there shorts, sandals, tank tops, the works. 

In Seattle, if it's a gray or rainy day and the thermostat says it's 60 degrees, you will see people out and about all bundled up in their best multi-season layers and gear - long pants, Gore-Tex, performance fleece, scarves, hats, and even the occasional down jacket.

Folks...rain or shine, it's 60 degrees. Not sure the costume change need be quite so drastic.


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