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I'm Sarah, a Seattle- based writer, artist, yogi, dog-lover and outspoken feminist. I like books, wine, and gray days. Hope you'll stay and hang out for a while!

Capsule life

I'm in love with and totally intrigued by Un-Fancy, a minimalist fashion blog by Caroline Joy Rector. I know, I know - I'm not exactly what anyone would call a fashion guru, or follower of fashion, but Caroline's style excites me. Not only is she a huge lover of all things gray and black, but she's adopted a really awesome minimalist approach to style (featuring a 37-piece wardrobe for each season) that I admire. As someone who's not a big fan of excess, I love the way she finds tons of ways to wear the same clothes over and over, adding space to her closet, her life and her budget.

I'm inspired by Caroline's ability to find versatile, awesome clothes and maximize their wearability and effect. Because let's be real - most of us have 15-20 items of clothing we'd be more than happy to wear every single day, and then boatloads of other stuff we are lucky if we wear more than once a year.

Not only am I interested in the capsule wardrobe, but I find myself wondering if I could be a person who takes on the capsule approach to living as a whole. Over the years, I have tended to collect more than I can use. Movies, books, yarn, you name it - I have so many things I never even look at, let alone take out and play with. I'm enthralled by the idea of having a stash of 15 skeins of yarn instead of 150, and by owning 30 books I really, really love and want to read over and over and limiting the rest of my collection to digital.

This isn't the kind of change you can make overnight, but I'm definitely pondering.

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