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I'm Sarah, a Seattle- based writer, artist, yogi, dog-lover and outspoken feminist. I like books, wine, and gray days. Hope you'll stay and hang out for a while!

Wool season


I know we technically have a few more weeks until fall is officially happening, but there's a chill in the night air and some of the trees are changing colors, so we're in that in-between limbo. And I love, love, love fall. I love winter the most, which is weird, but EVERYONE loves fall, because it's cozy and lovely and we're not cranky about wearing tons of layers and never seeing the sun yet.

Whenever it starts to feel like fall - even a few weeks shy of that, actually, when I can start to just imagine fall - I become obsessed all over again with wool. Wool is the best fiber, period. It's beautiful, warm, durable and, contrary to popular belief, not always itchy. In fact, it can be quite soft. Wool's my favorite fiber to wear and also to knit with, and at this point I knit nearly exclusively with wool, preferring it to many luxury fibers. Give me wool over silk any day! Anyway, the mere hint of cool weather in the air makes me lust for skeins and skeins of woolly yarn to knit into (mostly grey) sweaters and hats for myself and friends.

I'm a pretty selfish knitter, but holler at me if you're in particular need of woolly goodness. You never know!

At the ballet

Summer nights