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I'm Sarah, a Seattle- based writer, artist, yogi, dog-lover and outspoken feminist. I like books, wine, and gray days. Hope you'll stay and hang out for a while!

Road tripping

Nine. That's how many states I have left to visit in order to knock out all fifty. I have vowed to finish them all by the time I turn 40 (if you don't already know, I'm not going to tell you how far away that is). Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Nevada and Alaska. 

This month, I'm going on my third cross country drive, this time from Chicago to San Francisco with one of my oldest friends in the world. I'm gonna knock out Iowa, Nebraska, and Nevada for sure. I'm pretty excited to see the waving wheat, some amber waves of grain, a few salt flats and who knows, maybe even get off track for a while in one of the many amazing places we'll pass. I've been pretty obsessed with daydreaming about this trip - open roads, long talks, long silences, big skies. I. Can't. Wait.

In your pocket

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