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I'm Sarah, a Seattle- based writer, artist, yogi, dog-lover and outspoken feminist. I like books, wine, and gray days. Hope you'll stay and hang out for a while!

Springtime adventures


It's spring here in the Pacific Northwest, which means blooming flowers and trees, gorgeous scents and colors...and rain. Lots and lots of rain. As much as we want to wake up to sunny and 75 degrees, at this point in the year, that's a rarity and not the norm. Luckily for me, the cool and damp Seattle climate doesn't bother me. The days are getting longer and soon it'll be light till ten, which is awesome. But as the saying goes, "Summer in Seattle starts July 5." It's spring, but it's still the Pacific Northwest.

Last year for my birthday, I spent the weekend on the Olympic Peninsula at La Push Beach. It was gorgeous...but cool and rainy. For me, it was great. I like wearing layers and I could play (and have a campfire) on the beach without getting sand in my butt. I'm kind of itching to go back to another cold weather beach soon, or even the same spot - it was just so beautiful. Beach fires, hiking, climbing on driftwood, surfing...just make sure you bring a wet suit.

What's your favorite weekend getaway this time of year?


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