The Story

Kate’s got her whole future mapped out. She’s leaving New York and a promising acting career behind for the stability of grad school – and love – in Boston. But Kate’s careful planning is derailed when she meets Ethan Ross, an enigmatic actor and playwright who won't take no for an answer as he pursues her to star in his first production.

Despite being initially put off by Ethan's brash, acerbic personality, Kate finds herself drawn to his mysterious past and his edgy play, Lullaby -  particularly the lead character, Anna, who falls in love with her kidnapper while being held for ransom. Kate dives into the role headfirst, and subsequently into a friendship with Ethan, who pushes her to acknowledge her long-silenced dark side and the most secret parts of her personality she's kept hidden for years. As the two grow closer, Ethan, too, must face his own demons if he has any hope of establishing a real, lasting relationship with Kate.

Lullaby is a coming of age story about two conflicted people learning to face their pasts head on and live authentic lives. While rehearsing the roles of Anna and Jack, characters flung together by desperate circumstance, Kate begins bravely stepping out of her comfort zone and toward her uncertain future, while Ethan confronts his own tortured history and finally takes steps toward healing. As they fall for each other, they realize that love is not about finding the perfect person, but rather the person who shows us the perfection within ourselves.

Reader Responses 

"Ethan and Kate's relationship is so symbolic of the idea that the people we've had the most intense connections with are meant to drive us to things we would never do for ourselves. It's amazingly beautiful and powerful."

"Difficult choices, multi-layered characters, shifting perspectives; Lullaby is a modern love story with believable twists and turns that will have you guessing till the end. The play within the book serves as a fascinating counterpoint to Kate and Ethan's journey." 

"Lullaby is filled with the kind of joy, truth and pain that every human knows. Sarah Hyde weaves a story that is consistently thrilling, euphoric, frustrating and rewarding."

"Lullaby is a relatable tale about staring down the line between being a teenager and an adult, learning to trust yourself and your feelings, and choosing your part in the story that is life. It's a great novel, and I'm looking forward to more from Sarah Hyde."

Quotes from the Book

"I had plenty of experience with demons, and I knew just what it took to fight them." - Kate

"The only thing more terrifying than thinking you'll never get what you want is being wrong." - Ethan

"This is what it feels like to love someone you can't reach." - Kate

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