Walk this way

No matter his motivation, every time I see a man walking toward me, I brace myself, because it almost always goes down like this...


Too many people are still posting endlessly to social media about everything that is not the terrible reality of the America we woke up to on January 21st. And your silence is deafening.

Nestled in hygge.

Up until now, I felt like I was talking to brick walls when I described my love of candlelight and sweatpants, but now I've got the entirety of Pinterest backing me up: WINTER RULES BECAUSE HYGGE. SO! Here are some of my favorite hygge tricks for making the winter the absolute best time of year.

Good night, and good luck.

This is not going to be a happy new year. This is going to be a knife fight. And if you don't think so, if you don't know just how high the stakes are, well, then you'll have to figure it out the hard way

Like a boss.

Women have been fighting for a seat at the table - not even the head of the table, just a friggin' seat - since the beginning of time. So now that we've arrived, why are we throwing ourselves such a modest party?