Rose quartz for healing

my rose quartz.png

I’m new to this whole healing crystals game, but I’m intrigued. I believe in energy, and that objects hold energy, and that energy in just about anything can affect us if we engage with it.

I think most people start with rose quartz. It’s affordable, it’s lovely, and it’s full of the most important thing - love. It’s the stone of universal love, self love, all the love. It promotes heart healing by opening your heart wide enough to receive and to give. The calming energy of the rose quartz can sooth anxiety and worry, and bring a sense of peace.

I can never decide if I prefer this stone polished or unpolished. Mine is polished and I love rubbing my fingers over it like a worry stone. But you might prefer the rougher, more natural style. I am finding that the right crystal or stone will speak to you and let you know it’s the one to take home.

Try meditating with a chunk of rose quartz, or placing it next to your mat when you practice, and see what happens.

Sarah HydeComment