Animal Spirit

Seven months ago, I’d never picked up a tarot deck or anything like it. I wouldn’t say I didn’t believe in it. My mind is split down the middle, 50/50 - I’m someone who likes facts and evidence, but I’m also super creative and able to say “maybe” to some things that just can’t be explained. Like ghosts. I totally believe in ghosts and aspire to ghost-dom one day, but that’s another story for another day.

My yoga studio was where I first encountered the Animal Spirit deck by Kim Krans, and the illustrations were what drew me in. I find her artwork so beautiful, pulling cards from her deck is a delight. I also appreciate how she took the tarot deck and made it relatable by setting the entire thing in the animal kingdom. This is a great deck to start with if you don’t know much about tarot and are looking for an accessible way in the front door. But beware - it’s a slippery slope! I now have 3 different decks!

Sarah HydeComment